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GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: Standstill Near 173.00 Persists

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EUR/JPY Technical Analysis: Upswing Hinted Below 137.00

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Stock Market One FINAL High?

Current Position of the Market SPX: Very Long-term trend – The very-long-term cycles are in their down phases, and if they make their lows when expected, there will be another steep decline into late 2014. However, the Fed policy of keeping interest rates low has severely curtailed the full downward pressure potential of the 40-yr […]

Price & Time: Key Couple of Days for USD/CAD

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GDM and GDXJ Gold Stocks In-depth Look

In this Report I would like to show you an in-depth look at two important precious metals stock indexes, the GDM and GDXJ. The reason I want to show you these two PM stock indexes is because they correspond with the 3 X leveraged etf’s, GDM for NUGT and the GDXJ for JUNG that we […]