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Learn About & Start Collecting Kennedy Half…

Learn about the Kennedy half dollar coin from the United States mint. The history of the coin, how to get started collecting, types, advanced collecting tips and more are covered in this comprehensive guide to collecting Kennedy half dollars. View full post on About.com Coins: What’s Hot Now

NUM Wants 84-percent Rise in Pay for Entry-level Gold Miners

Reuters reported that documents it's obtained show that South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) plans to gun for an 84-percent increase in basic pay for entry-level gold miners.

Pedigrees & Hoards: Shipwreck Coins

By Rick Bretz for CoinWeek….   Thanks to a fellow pedigree collector, I’ve started to add shipwreck coins to my collection. There’s a lot of information available on each shipwreck, and the stories are as interesting as any “land-based” hoard so why not? The nice thing about building any pedigree collection is that you can […]

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Last 2013 ATB Quarter Products for Collectors

This week the United States Mint released the final two collector products holding 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters. 2013 Mount Rushmore America the Beautiful Quarters Three-Coin Sets are available for $9.95 each and the new annual 2013 America the Beautiful Quarters Circulating Coin Set is $5.95. Both of these products made for collectors are available [click to continue…]

Should You Clean Your Coins?

When coins come out of the mint, they have a beautiful luster and they look nice and shiny and pretty. But as coins get used in circulation, this shininess wears away and the coin gets dull. How can I turn my dull, worn, circulated coin back into a nice shiny prize again? In other words, […]