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Russia's Sole Central Securities Depository Trials Blockchain Voting

Russias sole central securities depository has announced it has tested a blockchain-based voting system.

Study Shows 44 of Consumers in Germany Know What Bitcoin Is

n n n It should come as no surprise to find out a lot of people have heard of Bitcoin by now, even though very few consumers have used the cryptocurrency so far. A new German Consumer Payment Study shows 1 of participants have ever used Bitcoin, which is a disappointing number. Also read Andreas Antonopoulos Makes Bold &8230nThe post Study Shows 44 of Consumers in Germany Know What Bitcoin Is appeared first on Bitcoinist.net.n

Bitcoin Price Analysis 4/28/2016

n n The powerful growth of Bitcoin's price was followed by a sharp drop. That downward trend was natural.

Infosys EdgeVerve Launches Blockchain Framework for Financial Services

EdgeVerve Systems newly-introduced Blockchain Framework furthers the adoption of blockchain technology by the global financial services sector. A subsidiary of Infosys, which offers the Infosys Finacle universal banking solution suite, EdgeVerve introduced the product at the Infosys Confluence global client summit in San Francisco, Calif. EdgeVerve developed the framework to deliver value-generating solutions based on &8230nThe post Infosys&8217 EdgeVerve Launches Blockchain Framework fo

Ethereum ETH Price Trends 4/28/2016

n n The structure of Ethereum's upward trend is disrupted. Which direction wil Ethereum choose