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Trailer for Unreleased TV Drama Highlights Digital Currency’s Seedier Side

Digital currency may be set to play a prominent role in a TV drama called “StartUp”, set to debut on streaming service Crackle this fall.

The Inner Workings of Decentralized Crypto Exchange EtherEx

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, there are quite a few options where they can do business in regards to trading and exchanging one type of digital currency for another via a digital exchange. Some exchanges offer sophisticated trading options with limiting, stop order and more. However, for most exchanges, the process of what goes on between trading &8230nThe post The Inner Workings of Decentralized Crypto Exchange EtherEx appeared first on CCN Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.n

Numismatic Crime – NCIC Weekly Bulletin, April 28

News and Alerts Concerning Numismatic Crime for the Month of April By Numismatic Crime Information Center ……   Vehicle Burglarized Below is a list of US coins and paper money stolen from Dick August after leaving a coin show in Westford, Massachusetts on April 24, 2016. Mr. August stopped a short distance from the show […]

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11 Silver ETFs Outshining the Competition – Nasdaq

Nasdaq 11 Silver ETFs Outshining the CompetitionNasdaqMoreover, unlike gold, silver sees much higher industrial demand. The precious metal enjoys heavy industrial demand that benefits from an expanding global economy. For instance, China's economy stabilized in the first quarter as its economy expanded …Silver Leads the Long Awaited Gold BreakoutSilverSeek.comall 172 news articles » View full post on […]

How to Get the Most for Your Coins on eBay

Selling your coins on eBay will net you more money than selling them at your local coin shop. Learn how to get started selling coins on eBay. View full post on About.com Coins: What’s Hot Now