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Gold Push Softens Around $1240.00 – Technical or Tired?

Commentary for Wednesday, Oct 16, 2014 (www.golddealer.com) By Ken Edwards and Richard Schwary of California Numismatic Investments Inc.……… Gold closed down $3.60 at $1240.50 today. So the recent push to higher ground may be in need of a rest – or the push may be running out of gas. I’m not saying gold is finished […]

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Infographic: The Economic Impact of a New Ontario Gold Mine

The Ontario Mining Association posted an infographic that lays out some of the key findings of a recently published University of Toronto study titled An Au-thentic Opportunity: The Economic Impact of a New Gold Mine in Ontario.

Safely Storing Your Coin Collection

Coin Storage and Supplies Many coin collectors have already taken the time to house their collection in folders and albums. But, if you do not store your folders and albums in the proper environment your coins may still get damaged. Even though coins are made of metal, and metal is very tough, coins can still be damaged from some harsh environmental factors. If you understand what these factors are and how they affect coins, you can select a place to safely store your collection where it will not get damaged.

I've written an guide that explains how you can safely store your coin collection. Additionally, you will understand which environmental factors can damage your coins and select a safe location to store your collection so that it can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Monarques to Proceed with Financing for Croinor Gold Project

Monarques Resources Inc. (TSXV:MQR) announced the results of a prefeasibility study update and mineral resource estimate for its Quebec-based Croinor gold project, commenting that the former confirms the project's economic viability.

Small Change: The Tiniest Ancient Coins

CoinWeek Ancient Coin Series: By Mike Markowitz “Parva Ne Pereant” In 2014 the British Royal Mint issued a gold proof 50p coin only 8 mm in diameter*, weighing in at 1/40 Troy ounce (0.8 grams.) This is the smallest coin the UK has ever struck and surely one of the smallest modern coins. For comparison, […]

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