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Zimbabwe&aposs Cash Crisis Is Bitcoin&aposs Boost

n n A recent survey by The Zimbabwe Standard showed that a number of banks in the central business district of the country's capital, Harare, had long queues to withdraw cash with others running out of ca

Counterfeit Coin Detection – 2014-W Proof Gold Eagle

Counterfeit 2014-W Proof Gold Eagle by Paul Sandler, NGC Grader/Researcher Look closely at these modern coins before you buy. A careful examination of the details can reveal a counterfeit. NGC recently received a coin that was purportedly a 2014-W Proof Gold Eagle. Many collectors might assume that modern coins are not counterfeited and they, therefore, […]

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Will Bitcoin&aposs Halving Doom or Boom The Cryptocurrency

n n As the Bitcoin's halving approaches, many are wondering whether it will double Bitcoin's price to compensate for the halved supply, or will lead to a downward spiral.

Bitcoin Price Analysis 5/25/2016

n n Bitcoin's price is moving along at least a medium-term upward wave. That short movement has a chance of growing into a long-term upward trend.

US Dollar May Find Support Despite Soft Economic News-Flow

The US Dollar may find support in haven-seeking flows despite dimming Fed rate hike bets if retail sales and consumer confidence data undershoots expectations. View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all