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Legislators, businesses must invest in their future workers – STLtoday.com

Legislators, businesses must invest in their future workersSTLtoday.comAt the St. Louis Regional Chamber's public policy speaker series on Sept. 2, Gov. Jay Nixon spoke about Missouri's economic challenges and opportunities. He focused on the importance of investing in early childhood education as a way to strengthen our … View full post on numismatic investing – Google […]

What the Gold/Silver Ratio Says About Precious Metals Prices Today – Money Morning

What the Gold/Silver Ratio Says About Precious Metals Prices TodayMoney MorningThe ratio's average during the last precious metals bull market was about 30, meaning it took 30 silver ounces to buy one gold ounce. By the end of that secular bull market, silver spiked to $50 at a point when gold traded for $750, producing […]

Small Change: The Tiniest Ancient Coins

CoinWeek Ancient Coin Series: By Mike Markowitz “Parva Ne Pereant” In 2014 the British Royal Mint issued a gold proof 50p coin only 8 mm in diameter*, weighing in at 1/40 Troy ounce (0.8 grams.) This is the smallest coin the UK has ever struck and surely one of the smallest modern coins. For comparison, […]

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Numismatic Crime Alerts: 2014

Crimes related to numismatics know no boundaries and affects the numismatic industry around the world. Millions of dollars in numismatic items have been stolen from collectors and dealers who have fallen prey to a numismatic crime. The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501 (c)(3) non profit corporation established to coordinate and collaborate initiatives between […]

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Collecting Peace Dollars

United States Peace Silver DollarWhile Eisenhower dollars were the last of the "big dollars", the coins made for circulation were copper-nickel clad and did not contain any silver. The last "big silver dollars" minted in the United States were the Peace dollars. This is a popular series to collect and more affordable than the Morgan silver dollars. Discover for yourself how to collect these beautiful coins in my coin collecting guides for Peace dollars.

Peace Dollar Collecting Guides:

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