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The Explosion of the DAO, Over 3 Million Ether Stolen

n n n The DAO Hub had an unfortunate event during the evening of June 16th as an attacker drained the DAO for 3.53 million Ether finding a bug within the smart contract code. Now the crypto-community is up in arms debating roll backs, hard forks, and the very foundations of smart contracts in general. Also Read Bitcoin &8230nThe post The Explosion of the DAO, Over 3 Million Ether Stolen appeared first on Bitcoinist.net.n

Chinese Yuan Devaluation Fails to Fuel Bitcoin Price Rally

The price of bitcoin failed to increase despite the fact the yuan-dollar exchange rate was close to its lowest point since 2010 this week.

Needham: 'Brexit' Boosts Bitcoin Price, But Too Early to Call it a Safe Haven

A new research note from Needham & Company asserts it might be too early to call bitcoin a “safe haven” asset.

Stock Market, Miners Update

Last week was one of our best profit weeks since March. We caught the short in the stock market from June 15 into the 16th and the GDX short into Friday where we went to all cash.  Originally, my thinking was that we would see a June 17th bottom in the stock market, but perhaps […]

Could Attacker Use &quotClean Hands&quot on Dao Codes Based on Ethereum Platform

n n The world of cryptocurrencies has just opened a Pandora's box through the recent incident where an attacker was able to remove funds to a Child DAO. The story progresses rapidly due to the use of smar