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Uncool Coins! Update: 1850 Liberty $20 Listed on eBay for 99 Cents Sells

The results are in… By CoinWeek News Staff….   In a recent Uncool Coins! 4K video segment, CoinWeek brought you the heartrending story of an 1850 Liberty $20 Double Eagle gold coin–graded MS-64 Proof-like by NGC (the only one of its kind)–that a buyer (who shall forever remain anonymous) cracked out of its holder and […]

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Armory to CEO to step down After Years of Bitcoin Development

n n n Armory Technologies Inc. will be changing leadership soon. This announcement was made on the bitcointalk.org forum today by Armory CEO Alan Reiner. Armory Technologies, founded in 2011 by Reiner, Developed the Armory wallet, an open-source bitcoin wallet with security features like multisig and cold storage very early in Bitcoin&8217s development. Other security implementations like PGP &8230nThe post Armory to CEO to step down After Years of Bitcoin Development appeared first on B

Deutsche Bank Banks Must Partner with Fintech and Digital Currency Businesses or Risk Disappearing Altogether

The number of banks experimenting with blockchain technology and looking at their own digital currencies is growing by leaps and bounds, so its no surprise that Deutsche Bank is well on its way to having its own blockchain technology.In a recent statement, the bank was quoted as saying Banks must partner with fintech and digital currency businesses or risk disappearing altogether.Although Deutsche Bank is a member of the R3CEV consortium of 42 banks that is developing a protocol for blockchain t

PwC Partners with Blockstream and Eris Industries to Create Blockchain Solution Portfolio

In January Bitcoin Magazine reported that PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC, the worlds largest professional services firm, had started an aggressive blockchain-based fintech development program and recruited 15 technology specialists to explore the application and commercialization of the blockchain technology.The pressure to reduce costs while generating revenue growth is an ongoing goal of organizations all over the world, notes PwCs Blockchain Solution Portfolio website. As those goals become incre

Global Policy Authorities List Common Concerns About the Future

Market volatility, China and commodity prices are among the most common concerns showing up in central bank and other policy bodies’ assessments of the future. View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all