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GBP/USD Recovery Stalls As Dojis Suggest Bulls Lacking Conviction

GBP/USD’s recovery has stalled with several Dojis near the 1.6730 ceiling denoting hesitation from the bulls to lead the pair higher. View full post on DailyFX – Technical Analysis

EUR/USD Bears Hesitate As Doji Warns Of Fading Downside Momentum

EUR/USD’s descent has stalled as a Doji formation on the daily suggests hesitation from the bears to lead the pair lower. View full post on DailyFX – Technical Analysis

USD/JPY At A Critical Juncture Near 104.00 With Bearish Signals Lacking

USD/JPY remains at a critical juncture near the 104.00 ceiling with an absence of key reversal patterns casting some doubt over a possible correction. View full post on DailyFX – Technical Analysis

Galane Gold Maintains Cash Position Despite Q2 Setback

Galane Gold Ltd. (TSXV:GG) released its financial results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2014. During Q2, the company produced 7,196 ounces of gold and incurred a net loss of $694,941.

3 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Gold Coins

Gold coinsWith the volatile price of gold recently and the future health of the U.S. economy becoming questionable, more and more people are looking to invest in gold through the purchasing of gold coins. Unfortunately, there are also a few unscrupulous people looking to rip-off the uninformed consumer when it comes to purchasing gold coins. The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), which is composed of the country's top rare coin dealers, has put together a list of three things that everyone should know before they decide to invest in gold coins. So don't believe everything you see on television and don't listen to anything a telemarketer is trying to tell you over the telephone. Arm yourself with knowledge and check out what some of the country's top numismatists have to say.

How To Protect Yourself When You Buy Gold Coins:

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