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Weekly Recap: Proof Gold Buffalo, Royal Canadian Mint and Perth Mint Releases, Coin Auctions

Welcome to the Coin Update weekly recap! We’re back with a round up of coin collecting news and articles from the past week! US Coins This week the United States Mint has released the 2014 Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set and the 2014 Proof Gold Buffalo. The weekly US Mint numismatic product sales report includes […]

Crude Oil Price Collapses and Copper Crashes – Great Recession 2015?

Oil prices fell another 1 per cent this morning  and continue their collapse – down 57% in just over 6 months. Copper crashed 8% on the London Metal Exchange, plunging to 5 and a half year lows. Oil fell to fresh six-year lows and has fallen almost 60 per cent since June 30, 2014 to […]

Goldman Sachs Blankfein – Regulation is Like Background Noise

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, spoke with Bloomberg TV’s Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle today at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Blankfein discussed the performance of Goldman Sachs, the impact of regulation on the financial industry and the outlook for the industry. On regulation, Blankfein said: “If you […]

Goldcorp Chairman Ian Telfer Inducted Into Canadian Mining Hall of Fame

The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame has announced its 2015 inductees, including Ian Telfer, chairman of Goldcorp (TSX:G). Other inductees included Peter M.D. Bradshaw, Ronald K. Netolitzky, Chairman of Skeena Resources (TSXV:SKE) and Mackenzie Iles Watson.

Are Rare Coins Investments?

By Steve Roach – Rare Coin Maarket Report Blog First published in the Jan. 10, 2011, issue of Coin World Are rare coins an investment class? They are according to the Wall Street Journal. For the past several years, Coin World has provided a “Classic U.S. Rarities Key-Date Investment Index” for use in the Wall Street Journal’s investment [...] Related posts:
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