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Bitcoin to Gain Ethereum&aposs Functionality Through Counterparty, Launch by Autumn

n n Counterparty is to launch Ethereum's Virtual Machine on testnet in two weeks, bringing Ethereum's smart contract functionality to Bitcoin.

Gold price suppression running into trouble, Murphy tells Future Money Trends

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How the 'Brexit' Could Impact the UK's Blockchain Influence

Momentum around the UK’s rapidly growing blockchain industry could slow following the 'Brexit' vote, experts say.

Sweden Tests Blockchain Smart Contracts for Land Registry

The government of Sweden is experimenting with how blockchain could be used to record land titles in a bid to digitize real estate processes.

Large-Scale Phishing Attack Targets Bitcoin and Web Wallet Users

n n n The popularity of Bitcoin is attracting all kind of attention. Unfortunately, that also means hackers and internet criminals start targeting Bitcoin users. A phishing campaign spanning over 100 fake domain names is threatening users all over the world. The objective is simple steal bitcoins and obtain blockchain wallet credentials. Also read NanoPay Announces the Deployment &8230nThe post Large-Scale Phishing Attack Targets Bitcoin and Web Wallet Users appeared first on Bitcoinist.net.