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Why Bitcoin and Blockchain Are Just Getting Started

The team from IDEO Futures looks at recent challenges facing bitcoin, and expresses its belief that bitcoin and blockchain still hold much promise.

How Pension Plans are Responding to Financial Repression

In this 35 minute video, Chief Executive of CREATE-Research, Amin Rajan discusses investing in the age of financial repression as well as key points for risk mitigation with FRA Co-founder Gordon T. Long. CREATE-Research is a a network of prominent researchers undertaking high level advisory assignments for governments, global banks, fund managers, multinational companies and […]

Here’s How You Can End Up Losing All Your Money In The Stock Market

If you want to increase your wealth and make more money, you want to consider stock investments. This is quite obvious but there is no real guarantee that you are going to succeed. The statement is true even in the event that you use a perfect strategy. Unfortunately, problems happen. The real problem is that […]

Simplex Offers Bitcoin Exchanges Risk-Free Credit Card Purchase Solution

n n n Buying Bitcoin for the first time remains a major struggle for novice digital currency users. Even though there are plenty of exchange platforms to choose from, as well as peer-to-peer solutions such as LocalBitcoins, people want more convenient options. Simplex is a new startup that wants to facilitate the purchase of Bitcoin through credit cards. &8230nThe post Simplex Offers Bitcoin Exchanges Risk-Free Credit Card Purchase Solution appeared first on Bitcoinist.net.n

Gold Price Potential Upside 2016

           The most important chart of 2016! Charts in this essay are courtesy Stockcharts.com unless indicated. View full post on The Market Oracle