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Hyper-Deflationary Death Race 2000

It is quite fascinating that the ultimate case for continued equity and bond price growth comes from the unspoken assumption that we will get another round or rounds of QE. This open assumption is that things are so good that we are about to move into perpetual growth mode as the recovery breaks away into […]

America Superpower 2016

Ian Bremmer’s new book on the future of the US and geopolitics, Superpower, just hit the streets yesterday, and it’s already creating quite a buzz. It draws on Bremmer’s remarkable understanding of politics, America, and the world. I first ran into Ian at a conference about four years ago, where he was the after-dinner keynote […]

Gold Price Today: Gold Recovers from Previous Losses

The gold price climbed on Wednesday after experiencing its biggest single-day drop since April 30. Specifically, the metal rose 0.3 percent to reach $1,211.18 per ounce.

What Might be behind Gold Price Jump

Over the years, I have written occasionally about the connection between the demand for U.S. government debt and quantitative easing. My contention is straightforward.  The primary  determinant for quantitative easing is not, as we are constantly told, to keep the unemployment rate down, nor is it to stimulate the economy. (I emphasize the word “primary” […]

Possibly the Most Expensive Roosevelt Dimes…

The United States Mint will issue four different coins in the 2015 March of Dimes Commemorative Coin program. Find out which ones may be the key to your Roosevelt dime collection. View full post on About.com Coins: What’s Hot Now