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ECB Paper: Distributed Ledgers Likely to Bring 'Gradual' Change

The European Central Bank has published a working paper on blockchain tech, examining its potential role in securities markets.

Aussie Dollar Little Moved After Caixin PMI Release, RBA Ahead

The Australian Dollar showed a tepid response after China released worse-than-expected Caixin PMI’s ahead of a potentially volatile RBA rate decision. View full post on DailyFX – Feeds all

Swiss Town Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Municipal Services

In the idyllic, sleepy town of Zug in Switzerland, a city council meeting today saw the authority decide to accept bitcoin as a valid payment for municipality services as a part of a pilot program. Already a burgeoning Fintech destination, the town of Zug in Switzerland some call it Crypto Valley, with over 15 industry-relevant &8230nThe post Swiss Town Accepts Bitcoin as Payment for Municipal Services appeared first on CCN Financial Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News.n

How Barclays Used R3's Tech to Build a Smart Contracts Prototype

CoinDesk goes inside Barclays' latest distributed ledger trial, showcasing how it is digitizing smart contract templates on R3's new ledger Corda.

Lawyers Argue Bitcoin Needs Change in Money-Transmitting Laws

Lawyers have been speaking at Consensus 2016 about their belief that some money transmitting regulations need to be changed.
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