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Hands On With Linq, Nasdaq's Private Markets Blockchain Project

CoinDesk goes under the hood of Nasdaq's first blockchain product Linq, a platform for private shares trading.

Satoshi Nakamoto Not Eligible For Nobel Prize

Although UCLA Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry chose to nominate the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, for the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences, it appears the The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences will not consider the nomination unless the legendary Nakamoto were to reveal his identity. The organization's press officer, Hans Reuterskild, told Inverse.com that the prize is never awarded anonymously nor after someone has died. The prize, as in this instance, the Sveriges Riksban

Europol Seeks Intern With Bitcoin Tracing Skills

Europol wants an intern with blockchain analysis skills for an open source intelligence project.

Beware of Frighteningly Deceptive Counterfeits – Statement By Dwight Manley

Prominent rare coin dealer and collector Dwight Manley, owner of Fullerton Coins & Stamps in Fullerton, California and Managing Partner of the California Gold Marketing Group, who assisted a quarter-century ago in breaking up a counterfeit coin and counterfeit holder scheme, has issued the following statement. “A frighteningly deceptive counterfeit has been encountered, and the […]

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Malicious Hacker Tries to Extort Bank for $3 Million in Bitcoin

An unknown malicious hacker has successfully breached a Sharjah, UAE-based bank of its customer statements and records. Over the past few days, the hacker has released the confidential data via social media after the bank refused to give in to the hackers extortion. A cybercriminal who goes by the alias Hacker Buba yes, really has for the past week held a bank in Sharjah, UAE to ransom. The hacker blackmailed the bank to pay a ransom in Bitcoin and the failure to do so will lead to the public
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