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Gold's Price Near All-Time Highs, Predicted to Rise Further Over Next 10 Years

Gold is defying usual market trends by rising amidst increasing U.S. Treasury yields and Federal Reserve rate hikes, signaling potential economic disconnects. Geopolitical tensions and a gradual global shift away from the U.S. dollar further bolster gold's value. Central banks are set to buy record amounts of gold in 2023, reinforcing its strength in the market.

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Gold Is Back Thanks to Debt, Dollars and Interest Rate

Gold's surge, despite cooling inflation, is attributed to the anticipation of US interest rate cuts in 2024, which lowers gold's opportunity costs and may weaken the dollar. A crucial factor is the increasing US federal debt, with a $1.7 trillion annual fiscal deficit and a rising interest bill, potentially leading to more debt ceiling raises and money printing.

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