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This Service Agreement supersedes all previous versions of the Service Agreement.

1. The Information Networks, Inc. ("INI") service (the "Service") consists of the use of databases and communications lines so designated by INI.

2. These Terms, any supplementary written agreements, and any Operating Rules published over the Service constitute the entire agreement between INI and the subscriber (the "Subscriber") and supersede all prior and contemporaneous statements, communications and documents.

3. Upon notice published over the Service, INI may modify these Terms, the Operating Rules, or the Service itself. This may include, without limitation, price changes, implementation of Subscriber priorities and discontinuance of portions of the Service.

4. Subscriber's use of the Service is not transferable and is subject to any limits established by INI.

5. The Service is provided on an "as-is, as-available" basis. NEITHER INI, ITS DISTRIBUTORS, NOR ITS SUPPLIERS MAKE ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO THE SERVICE. The Subscriber is responsible for implementing sufficient procedures and checkpoints to satisfy its requirements for accuracy of data input and output and for maintaining any means external to the Service for reconstruction of any missing or erroneous data.

6. Subscriber will not reproduce, sell, publish, or in any manner commercially exploit any information obtained through the Service or participate in or allow such reproduction, sale, publication or exploitation by any person. All material is copyrighted by INI.

7. Station Codes are copyrighted by INI. Station Codes remain the sole property of INI. Station Codes are an integral part of INI's operation and may not be reproduced in print or electronically without consent of INI. Upon termination of Subscriber's use of the Service, Subscriber will cease to use INI's assigned Station Codes, subscriber will not make cosmetic alterations of assigned stations and use the alterations to circumvent the intent of this agreement.

8. In addition to connect time charges, monthly minimums and purchases made through the Service, Subscriber will be responsible for payment of all premium program charges, transaction charges, and/or add-on connect time charges when the Subscriber utilizes such services that generate these charges, and for any surcharges incurred while using any supplemental networks other than INI.

9. The Service is provided on a month-to-month basis, unless otherwise stated in this Agreement. If a month-to-month Subscriber wishes to terminate its use of the Service, Subscriber must give written notice to INI. The Service will terminate on the last business day of the full month following the date of notice.

10. INI is not party to any transaction that occurs on the Service. INI is a communications facility only, and as such it is not responsible for the content of the communication that its users place on the Service. INI neither oversees that content, nor edits it, nor is continuously cognizant of its details. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, INI specifically disclaims responsibility for (a) the accuracy of any product descriptions listed by a vendor on the Service, (b) the accuracy of any statements concerning particular individuals or businesses published by users of the Service, (c) the performance of any promises or agreements entered into between subscribers by means of the Service, (d) the nature of trading patterns or practices that users engage in by means of the Service, (e) the compliance of any person with confidentiality or copyright restrictions or with any other laws or agreements when publishing information on the Service, (f) the forms of expression that a person elects to use when communicating on the Service, and (g) any related activities of users of the Service that occur outside of the Service's communication facility proper. Rather, the Subscriber acknowledges that the Subscriber itself is responsible for apprehending, evaluating and relying upon the communications that others choose to send over the Service, and all other activities engaged in by those persons. The Subscriber further acknowledges and agrees that the Subscriber will have no right to bring any claim against INI on account of any injury the Subscriber suffers by virtue of communications sent over the Service by users.

11. INI will have no duties or obligations toward the Subscriber except for those explicitly undertaken by INI in this Agreement. With respect to any claim against INI alleging a failure to perform those duties or obligations, the Subscriber hereby waives any rights that Subscriber may otherwise have to receive consequential, exemplary, special or punitive damages. Any claim for damages by the Subscriber will be limited to a refund of the Subscriber's subscription monies for that portion of the subscription term during which the Service did not function.

12. This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut. Any action brought against INI, whether arising out of this Agreement or otherwise out of the operation of the Service or the Subscriber's relationship with INI, will be brought before a court of law sitting in Fairfield County, Connecticut, or the federal judicial district in which that county is situated, and the Subscriber hereby consents to that jurisdiction and venue.

13. All software that Subscriber receives remains the sole property of INI. Subscriber is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license to use the software. Subscriber may make copies for backups. Subscriber may use the software on multiple computers within a single office. Upon the termination of this Agreement Subscriber will return or erase all copies of INI software. INI has the right to alter, update and remove data and software on the Subscriber's computer without notice.

14. INI may, at its discretion, terminate any Subscriber's use of the Service without notice.

Rev: 04/02/08

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